Green Initiatives

Going green’ is no longer just a futuristic catchphrase; it is the present.

As concern about the environment deepens, consumers are focusing on ways to promote and practice the intelligent use of energy.

We are business partners with energy providers and their energy efficiency programs to help lower energy usage.

Current programs offer financial incentives for installing energy efficient electric and gas equipment and technical studies. These energy efficient measures will help dramatically improve the bottom line.

Energy efficiency is the smart way to save money and help the environment. Using less energy lowers monthly bills, produces fewer air pollutants and preserves natural resources.

The correct sustainable LED lighting makes a space look better. Effective, energy-efficient lighting creates a more pleasant environment. In offices, proper lighting reduces glare on computer screens as well as eradicating the harsh fluorescent glare that causes workers to become ill. Employees feel more comfortable and are more productive when working in a properly-lit working environment.

The correct sustainable LED lighting improves retail spaces by creating a warm and welcoming environment and allowing customers to see the merchandise better. Recent studies show that correct lighting can increase sales in retail stores by up to 35 percent. When customers enjoy a store environment and can see the merchandise well, they stay in the store longer and purchase more.

In parking garages, the correct sustainable LED lighting provides a safer and more inviting environment, as well as making CCTV’s more visible.