What We Do

International Lighting Industries is committed

to supplying light bulbs of the highest quality, which help our customers maximize their profitability and efficiency. Utilizing energy audits and an extensive portfolio of light bulbs to fill every socket, we create personalized lighting solutions to assist in streamlining your operating expenses and net profitability.

We survey and provide custom solutions to enable our client to reduce their fixed expenses and maximize their bottom line.

We create and tailor Return on Investment calculation charts and profiles to demonstrate the benefits of proven customized energy reductions.

We understand your industry and the unique lighting challenges you face. We extensively research all of our niche markets and use that knowledge to develop the best solutions to help you use lighting effectively to increase your bottom line – whether it’s by reducing energy costs, using more energy efficient lighting or partaking of available rebate programs.

International Lighting Industries keeps abreast of the latest trends in the industry so that we are prepared to stay ahead of the changing needs of our customers.